Main Engines 8-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine made by: Nordmo, Bergen Diesel (Rolls Royce) type LMD 8 on develops 938 kw at 750 RPM. Gear system: One-stage reduction gear with 2.5: 1 gear ratio. Built-in servo motor in the secondary wheel and hydraulic clutch attached to the front of the primary shaft end. Pressure oil pump equipped with standard suction filter and retrofitted pressure filter. Type: Volda / Liaaen ACG 500 Volda / Liaaen HEG 500. Plant no: 150. Propeller: Pitc with 3 blades Was dismantled and controlled in 2018. Propeller head dissmantled and maintanced in 2018.
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Auxiliary engines Auxiliary engines 2 x Perkins Mod 4.4 TWGM 1500, 75 kw at 1500 rpm. One brand new mounted now. Generator system 2 x Stamford generators, UCM 274C (1 stored), power 81.5 KVA. 50 HZ 230V
Bow/stern propellers Pitch propeller: Brunvold 45 LTA 1225. 300 HP. Engine for bow thruster: Volvo Penta type: TAMD 122 A Start and stop from bridge!
Others The ship is equipped with Hydraulic loading / unloading crane, type MCV 1077-5T9M placed on the boat deck. Lifting capacity single Wire 2.5 T, double Wire 5 T. The crane can be controlled with wireless radio control.
Bunkers 2 x bottom water tanks 30.6 m3 2 x bottom water ballast 20.8m3 ex. diesltanks 2 x bottom water ballast 45m3 2 x bottom water ballast 38m3 2 x bottom fuel oil tank 26.2m3 1 x day tank engineroom 2m3. 1 x sewer tank cargo space 4m3 1 x roller dam tank 30m3 1 x waterproof bulkhead. Approx. In the middle of the boat (roll damping tank) All ballast water tank have always been filled with freshwater and ar in very good condition. Diesel capacity: 41.6 + 20.6= 62 m3
Electronically Radar 1: Furuno 10 Cm Marine radar, Modell FAR – 21X7(-BB) Radar 2: JRC radar 3 cm, type JMA-5312-6/6HS Furuno GPS and Furuno FA 100, AIS. Anschutz Gyrokompass, Magnet compass, Robertson autopilot, Simrad Eccosounder. 5 x portable UHF type Motorola GT 340 VHF: Sailor DSC: Sailor Mobile phone: Siemens 3 x Portable GMDSS SRH 50 Navtex SRH Tron Air helicopter radio Tron Sart radar transponder 2 x megaphone P117 Telechart 2023 Kartplotter For internal communication on board is the Intercom Vingtor VMP 307. There are added cabins, offices, fair, galley, machine, lounges, hallways,car tires for / aft, boat decks, wheelhouses and to MES stations SB / BB.
Electrical Electrical system 2 x Stamford Generators 230V. 50HZ. 81.5 KVA. These can run in parallel on the main board. 24 Volt system. Electric start of auxiliary motors, 4 batteries placed on b.b. side aft of engine room Electric start of bow thruster motor, 2 batteries placed stb. page i - front edge on the side of the bow thruster motor. 6 x battery placed on wheelhouse roof for emergency power (4) and for VHF (2). Distribution center / fuse box placed in wheelhouse and leading edge mesh room and aft edge mesh room b.b. page. Charging rectifiers for emergency power and VHF batteries placed cutlery. Monitoring systems mai engine and aux, boiler are located in engine rooms and on Bridge. The fire alarm center is located on Bridge. The heating system Consists of one Pyro 104 kw central boiler with circulation pumps, radiators and batteries for heating fresh air, and heating of cooling water main engine.
Link to classification company MF Haarek Roro Pax car ferry with crane


Well-maintained fjord ferry built according to DNV regulations and later converted to Ro Ro passenger / cargo ferry. The boat is now at the yard for annual passenger certificate renewal. The vessel has an EU D certificate 25 nautical miles from land. The vessel has very good maneuvering properties and is equipped with Becker rudder, propeller nozzle and swivel propeller system. Furthermore, it has a 250 kw bow thruster with start and stop from bridge. Separate cargo area with keel of about 70 square meters. Load crane on top deck with hydraulic hatches down to the lower cargo room. Cargo 170 tons / 24 cars.Aft port:
Waterproof bulkhead door made of steel is top hinged and raised / lowered using a hydraulic jig winch mounted on boat deck. The folding is done using hydraulic cylinders built into port.
The gate is 6.52 m x 5.1 m, and the opening's light size is 6.4 m x 4.55 m.
The door is locked with hydraulically operated locking wedges in "Fully open" "middle" and "Lowered" position.The freshwater system consists of 2 freshwater tanks of 15.5 m3 each. Two hydrophore pumps suck water from these and deliver via pressure tank to users.

The lubricating oil system for the main engine consists of a sump tank outside the engine. An attached pump sucks oil from the sump tank and delivers oil to the engine via filter. The oil flows to the engine sump, where attached evacuation pump sucks off and pumps the oil back to the sump tank. It is also fitted an electrically driven evacuation pump that can be run in auto from engine swamp. A lubricating oil separator and CJC filter type HDV-27/108 which sucks from the sump tank, purifies the oil and delivers back to sumptank. The main engine has a separate lubrication system rocker arm. This consists of an attached pump that sucks oil from one tank of about 15 liters. The oil lubricates the rocker arms and flows back to the tank.
The gear has a separate system consisting of an attached pump that sucks oil from bottom gear and delivers oil via pressure filter to servo system and lubrication of gears.

The bilge system consists of four integrated systems. there are two ballast / booms pumps. An ejector driven by the pressure from the fire pump. The pump as used for filling the roll damping tank is connected to the bilge system. It best effect is achieved by using the ejector. The vessel also has installed a bilge water separator that has a suction side from the front and
aft edge of engine room. This delivers water / oil to the sludge tank.
The sewer system is of the type AQUACHEM BIO AQUA AEROB 25/50 SG.
The treatment plant is built for automatic operation and is approved in accordance with IMO MEPC2 (VI). Drains from toilets and sinks in toilet rooms are led into the sewer tank as is located in the cargo hold. When the tank is full, an audible alarm is activated on the bridge.

The fuel oil system consists of a bottom tank of 12 m 3 where the oil is pumped via an oil filter with water separator to a day tank. Return from this flows back to the bottom tank. Oil from the day tank goes to the main engine via filter to fuel oil pre-pump, which pumps the oil via fine filter to the fuel oil pump. Return, return to day tank. Fuel oil for auxiliary engines and boiler is removed from day tank and via filter on each motor to pumps. Return goes back for day tank.


Bridge systems: Switching on and maneuvering the main machine is controlled via air-controlled man. levers on center control panel. Start / stop and travel of bow thruster via electric control on separate panel in starboard control panel. There are two systems for steering the ship, electric / hydraulic and hydraulic steering wheel.

Control system: The steering system on board is made by Tennfjord type: H-220-70.
The steering machine is operated from several positions in the wheelhouse. Steering can
also operated manually via the pump on which the steering wheel is mounted.

The maneuvering system: Engine and gear are maneuvered from bridge or engine room using
air pneumatics. It can also be maneuvered manually from the engine room.Mooring / anchor winches
2 x anchor winch w / enough placed SB/BB side front
1 x cable winch located cardeck BB side aft. Max. 500 kgRESCUE EQUIPMENT
Life jackets
Upper lounge, shelf over seats 63 adults
Upper lounge, shelf over seats 10children/5 baby vests
Boat deck, in box STB page 22 adult In cutlery 7 adults
Survival suits 5 life jackets in cutlery.

The vessel is equipped with 2 MES rescue systems. Each system consists of slide and a 100 person fleet.
The systems are located on each side of the deckhouse on the boat deck
The systems are triggered from the stations, but can also be triggered from a bridge.

The vessel is equipped with 1 high-speed MAKO 651 MOB boat (sn:15181/2002) intended for 6 people located on the boat deck. The boat is powered by a water jet. MOB boat crane is NDA 25B Resque boat david IMO approved with loaded energy for death ship. (Build nr: 781)

Firefighting equipment:
There are 2 sets of firefighter equipment and 1 set of personal equipment on board, placed in fires 1 and 2 on boat decks.
Fire 1 (stores)
1 set of firefighter equipment w / 3 spare bottles + exercise bottle.
1 set of personal equipment.
1 piece. el. Drill w / 16 with more drills.
1 piece. extension pipe w / fog nozzle.
Fire 2 (red)
1 set of firefighter equipment.

Remote control
The following can be controlled remotely from bridge, start / stop bow thruster motor, Stand By generator, hydraulic pumps for bow door and anchor winches. Hydraulic pumps for bulkhead door, hatch and cargo hatch on car deck. Ventilation van car deck.


The vessel are in dry dock and yearly maintance on Slipen Mek AS in Sandnessj√łen. The main 5 years certification was taken in 2018 and valid to 2023. The vessel has Becker Rudder and Proppel nozzle. Pitchable propeller. Please call Morten Larsos +47 90186230 or

Kontakt Morten Larsos
+47 90186230