Main Engines 2 x Nordmo / Bergen diesel LSMC 8 sylindre (Rolls Royce) 2 x 1100 HP - 750 rpm. Full 10,000 hours service in 2019 after Rolls Royce terms and condition
Auxiliary engines 1 x Volvo Penta TD 100 / 175 kw 1x Volvo Penta TDM 100 / 175 kw
Bow/stern propellers Hydraulic bow thruster
Bunkers Diesel: 32,2 m3 Fresh Water. 32,6 m3
Electronically GPS Litton LMX 400 DGPS Navigator Gyro type: Meridan SG Brown/ Autopilot: Anschutz Pilotstar D Magnet compass Bergen Nautikk Radar 1 type – 3 cm Racal Decca Bridge Master Radar 2 type – 10 cm Kalvin Huges Nautilus 2-5000R VHF 1 type/VHF 2 type Sailor RT 4822/Sailor RT 143/Sailor RT 144C VHF Handapparat/VHF Fly Sailor SP 3110/Norbit Pilot Navtex JRC NCR-330 AIS Simrad A170 Friflyt/EPIRB Tron 40S/Sailor Marine Radartransponder SART Arcea Tellusart MK II Kartplotter Simrad RS56
Link to classification company MV Skutvik well maintained Ro Ro Pax Car ferry with 2 x engines


Works done one both main engines in 2019.
All cylinder heads: Dismantled, transported on land for overhaul. Cleaned, checked and pressure tested.
Leakage of 6 pcs. of top nozzle liner. New nozzle lining inserted and pressure tested again, everything ok. 5 pcs. valve spring outer and 1 pc. inner jack. Renewed. Sand all valves and seats with Chris Marine equipment. P-dimension valves: 3.5 mm. Minimum allowed: 2.0 mm.
Clearance valve control was between 0.07-0.15 and more. Max permissible clearance 0.20 mm.
Clearance rocker arm brackets were between 0.05-0.10 mm Max. permissible clearance 0.20 m
1 piece. rocker arm lining changed due to lining has gone around in rocker arm bend.
Mounted together tops with new o-rings in valve guides and transported on board and mounted on engine with new gaskets. Tighten bolts with the right torque.
Stamp: Disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Ok. Measured ring spore clearance and clearance cross-spin, Mounted piston with new piston rings and crank bearings. Tighten crank bolts with the right torque and locked nuts with locking pin.Max. permissible clearance piston ring groove, upper: 0.50 mm. Maximum allowable clearance cross-spin: 0.30 mm.
Cylinder bushings: Cleaned and checked cylinder bushings, ok. Some small scratches and small blanks field in some of the liners. New anti coke ring fitted.
Frame bearing: Checked bearing no. 2 and 8 both motors, normal wear in bearing after
operating time. Fitted new bearings and tightened bolts with the right torque.
Controlled axial sailing crankshaft both engines. S / B-hm: 0.60 mm. Limit minimum 1.00 mm.
Here it must be a thrust piece of 8.5 (aft) and a thrust piece of 7.7 mm. (forre)
Lay pieces of 7.7 mm. on both sides of bearing bracket to achieve 0.60 mm. axial clearance.
B / B-hm: 0.20 mm. Limit minimum 1.00 mm. Here was only a thrust piece of 8.5 mm. at the back of the bearing buck and no piece at the front. A 7.7 mm chip was inserted. back, not possible to get any piece in front, too narrow. Measured an axial clearance of 0.90 mm. This is ok by the inspector and technical manager.
Was recommended by Rolls-Royce to check K-dimensions on the coupling between gear and engine. The K-dimension must be 273.05 mm. +/- 0.4 mm. Got a measurement of 274.00 mm.
Camshaft: Controlled bearing no. 5 and 9 b / w motor and bearing no. 5 and 8 b / b motor, normalwear on storage bowls after operating time. Mounted together with new bearings and fastened bolts with straight torque. New thrus bearings were fitted to the S / b engine.
Checked all chambers and rollers, everything ok. Register: Changed register chain both motors and tightened chain to approx. 20 mm. Fuel pumps: Dismantled all pumps and checked / adjusted A-dimensions. Straight A-dimension shall be 5.50 mm. +/- 0.5 mm.
Mounted pumps and tightened bolts with the right torque.

Controlled pre-spray angle / ignition time all cylinders both engines.
Some cylinders a little skewed on ignition, some a little too early and some a little too late ignition. Agreed not to adjust chamber until after test run was performed.
Fuel valves: Fully maintained fuel valves, replaced all nozzle tips and adjusted straight
opening pressure, 250 bar. Fitted with new gaskets and fastened with the right torque.
Turbo: Fully overhauled both turbocharger, changed bearings and seals. Both rotors sent Turbo Power Norway as for balancing, see separate balancing form.
Controlled K-goal: 52.95 and more. S / b engine. K-goal: 53.00 and more. B / b engine.
Start-up test run: Filled with fresh water on both engines and switched on heating. Adjusted all valve clearances. Started both engines and drove according to RR run-in program.
Measured temperature on crank and frame bearings. Temp. b / w engine 1


The vessel is closed from bow to stern gate with passenger lounge, cafeteria, galley, fair and crew cabins located below the car deck in addition to a viewing lounge above the car deck. She was specially built to be used as a transport vessel for the Armed Forces in a war situation. She is build after DNV Class and are certificated in Norwegian Maritime Administration with EU C trading certificate. Security manning certificate for 4 crew.




Trading certificate: EU C Ready for delivery September 2024

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+47 90186230