Main Engines Nordmo LDM-8 Bergen Diesel / Rolls Royce 1300 HP. 2 x Pitch propeller in each end. 2 x Becker Rudders
Auxiliary engines 2 x Volvo MD 100 BK 2 x 170 HP
Others Maximum deck cargo: 267.5 tonn + Passenger (300 orginal) Max axle load: 13 tons. The tire load can consist of up to 167.5 tonnes heavier vehicles with a center of gravity not exceeding 2.05 meters above tires counted amidships, as well as 100 tons of passenger cars with a center of gravity 0.8 meters above the main deck. Heavier vehicles are placed in the vessel's center line - in marked fields. Water ballast tanks I STB and BB, II STB and BB, III STB and BB and IV STB and BB shall at all times kept full. The ship does not have a fixed foam fire extinguishing system on car decks, only transportable foam equipment, and can therefore only transport 1 - one - transport unit dangerous cargo, ref. «Regulations of 1 July 2014 no. 944 on transport of dangerous goods on Norwegian ships, § 11 ». Height above car tires 4.50 m. Maximum number of passengers allowed is 212. Historic: 300 pax.
Bunkers Fuel oil tank STB 16.50 m³ Fuel oil tank BB 16.50 m³ Fuel oil tank 2.30 m³ Fuel oil high tank 5.00 m³Lubricating oil store tank 1.7 + 0.25 m3Used lubricating oil tank 0.8 m3
Electronically GPS: Furuno GP 80 Gyro type JRC Pronav JLR – 10/IA Autopilot: Simrad AP 70 Magnet compass H. Iversen Radar 1: 3 cm Furuno FAR 2107 Radar 2: 3 cm Kelvin Huges Nuclens 5000T VHF 1 - Type/VHF 2 - Type Sailor RT 4822/IA VHF portable/VHF Air: 3 x Simrad TC 5 Navtex: IA AIS: Simrad AI 70 EPIRB: IA/IA Radartransponder SART Arcea Tellusart MK II
Link to classification company Røsund Ro-Ro / pax ferry (Not for sale anymore)


MES Evacuation System RFD Marine Ark w / slide
MOB-Båt DSB KOPAS 430 SR1 x air compressor: Barrier HL2 / 90 23 m³ / h, 30 bar and-operated emergency compressor, type Barrier HLH / 119-30ltr 35 bar
1 starter air compressor, type Atlas Copco LT 5-30UV 30 barBow Visor front and rear is disassembled and Stored in Bodø!




MF Røsund will end the contract the 31 of Desember 2020 and will be ready for delivery / take over. Price on request: Morten larsos + 47 90186230

Kontakt Morten Larsos
+47 90186230