Main Engines Mancraft AS has delivered the main engine for the «Queen of the Environment» and there are two MAN D2842LE 410, each with an output of 809 kW at 2160 rpm. Servogear has delivered gears of the type HD295 PTIR-HR (PTIL-HFR) 4.21: 1, and rotary propellers of the type 9P820-1002B and rudders of the type Effektror 9R054-HV. The steering machine is of the type Scana Mar-El. Auxiliary motors and generators are supplied by Nogva Motorfabrikk AS and consist of two Nogva Deere with the designation 6068 TFM 50 of 83 kW at 1500 rpm. and two Stamford UCM 274 G with a power each of 83 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz, 104 kVA. Two bow thrusters of the type SB60-80 V80 and the thruster aft have the same designation, and they are supplied by MB Hydrauliikk. At 2100 rpm. is the speed of 21.4 knots with an engine power of 735 kW, and a range of 864 nautical miles. At 2000 rpm. the speed can be 17.5 knots with an engine power of 600 kW, and a range of 970 nautical miles. At 1800 rpm. the speed is 16.4 knots at 540 kW and with a range of 970 nautical miles. The measurements have to do with the bunker capacity on board. Class notation HSC2000 passenger vessel, category A, small coastal speed class B. Strength DnV HSLC R2. Gear unit: HD295 PTIR-HR reduction 4.2: 1 Servo gear Vripropeller: 9P820-1002B Servogear Rudder: Effector 9R054-HV Servogear Steering machine: Scana Mar-El
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Auxiliary engines Auxiliary engine: 2xNogva Deere 6068 TFM 50, 83 kw, 1500 rpm Nogva Motorfabrikk Generator: 2xStamford UCM 274, 83 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz Nogva Motorfabrikk
Bow/stern propellers Bow thruster: 2 x MB Hydraulikk Stern Thruster: 1 x MB Hydraulikk
Others The powerful catamaran with its elegant design will probably make its mark on future environmental issues, which may appear in our deep fjords or out on the great oceans. The boat is adapted to participate in oil preparedness, and can examine the seabed at a depth of 1500 meters. With a special camera, those on board can disseminate images of environmental damage above and below sea level to the whole world. On board there is top equipment for filming and photography above and below water. The "Queen of the Environment" is built with ice skin and is classed to go along the entire Norwegian coast also to Svalbard. With their own helicopter, they can also conduct climate research and pollution monitoring. BIODIESEL Lloyd's Register, Fjellstrand AS and the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association have in collaboration prepared and issued Green Passport. It must document which materials have been used in hull construction and equipment of the ship, and which oils and chemicals are on board. Consideration for the environment has always come first during the construction of this boat. Environmentally friendly antifouling is used and biodiesel is used as fuel. It is also built with extra energy efficient propellers and with reduced speed there is less pollution in the environment.
Bunkers 4 x 3750 liter 2 of the tanks could be used to Biodiesel. Freshwater 2000 liter OPS. Fresh watermaker machin.
Electronically Electronic equipment consists of; Vision Master FT 251 / MK / FS radar, Jupiter magnetic compass. Navigate XMk 1 HSC gyro compass, DR 76 Gyro repeater, NAVI ECDIS –BE 1000 Core map system, AP9MK3 autopilot, GP-150 DGPS, FE-700 echo sounder, Ben Anthea speed log, Furuno FM 8800 S-DSC VHF with DSC, Furuno FA-150 AIS automatic identification system, Furuno FM-8800 S VHF 1 with DSC, Furuno FS 2750 MF / HF with DCS + DSWR, Furuno NX 700 Navtex, Jotron TR 20 handheld GMDSS-VHF, Jotron TR 40 S EPIRB, Jotron TR 40 X EPIRB, Jotron Tron SART radar transponder, Jotron Tron Air Airband radio, Jotron TR-710 VHF Airband radio, Francis FHS 5.40A 23 daylight signal lamp, Zenitel ACM-MP-24 / V01, Zenitel ETB-10 Talk-back, Zenitel VMA-PA + GA PA system.


MB Hydraulikk has delivered part of the tire equipment. An anchor winch 1-AV-19K2 and anchor SHHP of 190 kilos, chain and wire plus trawl winch. A Palfinger type crane is 15 tons meters. Mob boat with davit has the designation PLA-2500 provided by Vestdavit. ROV / operating room with SCU (Surface Operation Unit) NAV PC and camera signals can also be seen in the conference department. The Moon-pool hatch is a hydraulically operated hatch in a tunnel.Bridge equipment: Furuno
Radar / Mapping Machine: Sperry Marine
Map / bridge equipment: Nautisk Forlag
Emergency bearing equipment: Jotron
Antennas: Comrod
Consulting services: Bergen Group
Green Passport: Loyd´s Register / Fjellstrand AS / Miljøvernforbundet
Oil products: Trond Helgesen Oil products
Fire and warning system: Autronica
Displays: Hatteland Display
Mobile / satellite connection / maritime radio communication: Telenor
Mobile equipment: Nordialog
Smoke diving equipment: GMC
Diving equipment: Nemo Classic Diving
Water heater: OSO Hotwater
Course: Sogn og Fjordane Tryggleikssenter / Nutec
Tools: C. Dahm Machine Shop
Tools / Supplies: Tools Astrup
Snakes: Tess
Environmentally friendly diesel filter: Ditech Scandinavia
LAN data network: SOhome
Green lubricants / anti-rust oil: Lanopro
Helicopter deck: Marine Aluminum
Helideck equipment: Tranberg
Swallows / accessories: Ahlsell
Stainless steel drain / pipes: Blücher Norway
Fire-fighting equipment: Noha Norway
Stainless steel solutions laboratory: Størksen Rustfri Industri
Skin: GC Rieber
Nora rubber coating: Freudenberg Building Systems Erik W. Andersen
Wharf deck: Kebony Products
Diving compressor: Unitor
PCV-free floor covering: Altro
Winches: MB Hydraulics
Tire crane: Palfinger with radio remove controller
Lifting equipment / ropes / straps: Water Wights
Mob boat / davit: Vestdavit
Rescue equipment: Helly Hansen Special equipment
Work clothes: Skogstad
Cleaning items: Lilleborg
Commercial kitchen equipment: Wallendahl
Flat screens / video conferencing equipment: Tandberg
Stainless steel sinks: Intra
PVC-free central vacuum cleaner: Flexit
Chairs conference room: Georg Eknes Industrier
Chairs for cabins: Håg
Window cleaners: The KR group
Driver's seats: AS Sørlandets Aluminumsprodukt
Sanitary facilities: Jets Vacuum
Locking system: HB Heikki Bruvik
Lanterns / Headlights: Norselight
Paint: International Paint
Interior design: Architect Lisbeth Wraamann
Brochure material: Creato
Interior: Norac
Lighting: Glamox


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