Main Engines Mitsubishi 2 x S12R, tot. 1920 kW Engine hour: 17890 both engines overhauled at 12.000.- Diesel consumption approx: 550 l/ hour All Maintenance is done at Mitsubishi dealer Martim Motor AS, Tomrefjord, Norway Gear: 2 x Servogear HD250 PTI UR/UL Pitch propeller: 2 x VD 810 C
Asking price On request!
Auxiliary engines Generators: 2 x Isuzu à 30 kW BB 2499 SB: 2422
Bow/stern propellers Petter Spill S-45/50 BS 37 kW
Others Historic facts: 24 lives saved, 8373 persons assisted, 2327 boats assisted
Bunkers Dieseltanks forward and back: 12 m3 Freshwater: 2 m3 Day tank: 750 liter
Electronically Navigation equipment: 2 x radar (3 cm and 10 cm) ARPA, chart plotter, Loran C, DPGS Communications equipment: GMDSS Class A2 with additional equipment.
Link to classification company RS Erik Bye SAR Resque vessel with tug hook and rescue boat dock DNV +1A1 HSLC, RO, Patrol, EO


SB gear new upbuild march 2023 BB. Both gears overhauled Servogear in 2015.
The vessel was major upgraded in 2015 with new inventory in Karstensen Shipyard Denmark. The vessel has a premaster who could be new signed
Safety administration is done of and seller will assist with export of Ship data.


Copy the link under and open in an internet browser to see photos under missions: on the way to Utsira. Copy and paste the link into a new browser:


The seller will assist with training the new crew. Possibility of chief engineer for delivery assistant. The vessel is in daily use and could be taken over after a closer agreement.

Kontakt Morten Larsos
+47 90186230