Main Engines Main engines Bergen Diesel/ NORMO LDM8 (1980) 1119 kw/ 1500 hk. Main red. gear Volda ACG 500 Central gear Framo SP4L (New overhauled june 2017) Air Compressors, Seismic 1 x LMF – 2 x Junker Bowthursters: BRUNVOLL 200 hk-147 kw Sternthutsers BRUNVOLL 200 hk-147 kw Steering gear Tenfjord Water production Osmosis Cargo and tanks capacity 3 tonn in 24 hours
Asking price On request
Auxiliary engines Aux engines/ Generators 1 VOLVO TD 120 AK 1980 Siemens gen 180 kva/ 50 hz Aux engines/Generators 2 VOLVO D16-MG-HE 2008 Stamford gen 597 kva/50 hz
Bow/stern propellers Bow thruster Stern thruster
Others Cargoholds capasity 140m2 deck cargo/ Containers on deck Diesel oil 117 m3 Fresh water 44 m3 Lub oil 3 m3 Hydraulic oil 2 m3 Specifications Facilities Accommodation cabins 20 cabins 25 beds Messroom - dining 1 18 seats Lounge 1 12 seats Gym 1 Weights, ro-machine, cycle, cross trainer, treadmill Dry Laboratory 1 Wet Laboratory 1 Instrument room / office 1
Bunkers Diesel oil 117 m3 Fresh water 44 m3 Lub oil 3 m3 Hydraulic oil 2 m3
Electronically Bridge equipment (type) GPS 1 Furuno GP 150 GPS 2 GPS 3 Radar (3 cm) s band no ARPA DECCA Bridgemaster C 251 Radar (10 cm) JRC NCE - 5171 ECDIS FURUNO TECDIS 220 v / 24 v VHF Sailor x 2 RT 5022 DSC MF/HF Sailor x 2 CU 5100 INMARSAT yes EPIRP yes SART TRON 45 SX NAVTEX Furuno Gyro compass 1 Meridian SG Brown SG 1000 Gyro compass 2 Satellite compass JRC JLR-21 Magnetic compass yes Satellite phone / Internet Irridium Inmarsat c V-Sat – Telenor (lease) +88 164 1470 441 +47 850 01 568 Satellite TV All deck UHF Autopilot Robertson AP 9 Mk II DP Robertson SDP 600 DP Ecco sounder Furuno FCV 585 AIS Furuno FAX Inmarsat Mess room Television and radio Satellite


FF "Håkon Mosby" (launched in 1980) is a Norwegian research vessel owned by the Institute of Marine Research. It was built by Mjellem & Karlsen together with the sister ship "Michael Sars", both launched in 1980 and took over after the failed FF "Helland-Hansen" (1957-1976).
The ship was named after sea researcher Håkon Mosby (1903-1989). It has the University of Bergen as co-owner, before 2008 it was the one-time university. The vessel is permanently stationed in Skagerrak and the North Sea, based on the research station Fløvevigen outside Arendal. It is 47 meters long and at 701 brt. The vessel has a power of 1500 kW. The vessel is specially equipped for tours within research on fish stocks, environmental studies and acoustic investigators. The ship has laboratories, sonar, sonar and other acoustic equipment, as well as equipment for water and bottom tests. It takes special samples of sediment on the seabed. [1]

"Håkon Mosby" was owned and managed by the Institute of Marine Research (IMR). It is used for both scientific programmes and education of students in marine biology, oceanography and geology.

The vessel is named after Håkon Mosby (1903 -1989), who was a key person in the development of oceangraphical research, both nationally and internationally. The vessel is mainly used in coastal waters around Bergen and in northern waters, including the coastal waters of Svalbard (Spitsbergen).

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The vessel was built in 1980 and was owned by and commissioned by the Institute of Marine Research until the autumn of 2016.
The vessel underwent 5-year class spring 2017. Lighter upgrades and mounted V-sat, satellite TV, and ECDIS were performed. (Furuno Tecdis).
The vessel is well suited for many types of missions, equipped with an arrangement for trawl / towing missions. Various winches for depth measurements / sampling. Sonar and «State of the art» sonar to advanced bottom measurements. 2 x Rapp Marine ROV winches. ROV Hangar.
The boat appears to be very well maintained and has for example. a roof area of ​​140m2 with an arrangement for handling containers. ACC MOSBY has contract until 2020 with the Institute for Aquaculture, which is carried out in the period 15 June to August. But the vessel could be replased With another vessel if sale.

The machine room is equipped with Bergen Diesel at 1500 hp, side propellers at the front and rear of a` 200 hp. The auxiliary machinery is 2 x Volvo Penta. Compressors for seismic operations.

The vessel has 25 beds divided into 20 cabins.
The boat has a dining party where 16 crews can eat at the same time. Modern city center with all equipment, cool and freezing capacity.

The vessel has a large instrument room with ample available space in the open rack for the necessary equipment that the commissioner may need.

In April / May 2017, DNV-GL was awarded the highest grade certification. Speed ​​certificate "World wide" is valid until June 2022.


Asking price with new 5 years DNV class World wide certificate Euro 2.9 million. Please contact Mr. Morten Larsos

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